Welcome to returnbob !

returnbob is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for solutions and services in interaction (analysis and optimisation) of online and offline marketing campaigns worldwide. the returnbob suite of interaction solutions allows businesses to monitor e-marketing campaigns (emails social media [facebook , twitter ..]), online and offline marketing events or competitions and commercials, track website’s (company, webblogs, landingpages) or a simple link from scratch in a smart and handle way.
We are trying to find the best way for customer requirements. Efficient solution for your company inhouse analyses, monitor opens and clicks in different marketing channels. Compare your internal analyses with simple integration modules.

The Story

returnbob began as an innovative recover service with the vision to build the most comprehensive interactive and economic solution on the planet. The goal was to build a platform that provides a smart and simple solution to recover „objects“ (baggage, handbag, student books and anything else which could be lost).
After analysing our reports over the first closed beta periode we decided to set not only the focus on recover of objects. we started a new field of operations and integrated a short url service. resulting of that expandation of workingspaces we incorporate also new tracking and monitoring features. One by one, new features and channels were added and this was the start of returnbob.

Fast forward to today, returnbob interactive tracking platform now is simply a economic way to track e-marketing campaigns and give lost objects a recovery chance. Our technology includes features such as a user-friendly interface, real-time reporting and managed monitoring. Customers from + 72 destinations world wide trust and use our solutions online at any time.

Our goals

It is our vision to one day integrate every channel of tracking analyses and monitoring into a single solution to help increase the customer relationship and empirical knowledge. Enabling social connections worldwide to build and enhance relationships through effective and targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns. We believe in values and reflect this in „how we do busines“s and „how we interact with stakeholders“ on a daily basis. These values help enforce actions that are consistent with our corporate culture, and ensure that we always give our best.

We’re on a mission to make your web business easier, more enjoyable and productive.