• returnbob is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider for solutions and services in interaction (analysis and optimization) of online and offline marketing campaigns worldwide.

    the returnbob suite of interaction solutions allows businesses to monitor e-marketing campaigns (emails social media [facebook , twitter ..]), online and offline marketing events or competitions and commercials, track website’s (company, blogs, landing pages) or a simple link from scratch in a smart and handle way.

    We are trying to find the best way for customer requirements. Efficient solution for your company inhouse analyses, monitor opens and clicks in different marketing channels. Compare your internal analyses with simple integration modules.


    Use “tracking image” integrations to break analyses down verify apps, e-mail and social campaigns or webpages. Boost you’re A/B-split – tests in different channels with user related evaluation (destination , languages, device, date and time).

    Use our service to track and analyze URL's in socialnetworks like (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN ..) or E-Campaigns (Landingpages, E-Mail Marketing, ..). Our pattern service helps to difference sing tracks with individual patterns. That helps you to dedicate different locations to your tracking plan.

    Our short urls supports Meta-Tags for Social sharing. The shorted links can be used for link-tracking, open image-pixel-tracking (email campaigns).


    With our QR-Code solutions we provide the missing link between online and offline user behavior. Use QR-Codes for e-commerce shops, offline commercials or o share guest WIFI key’s. Our internal recover service enables an economic way to tag your offline products and a smart way to communicate between finder and user.


    Our tracking feature provides easy solutions to analyse your customer flows. We offer not only an exact view of individual conversion points and performance indicators we also show the influence of the conversion rate. Detailed analysis of changed minimal and miximal values with smart visualisations.

We’re on a mission to make your web business easier, more enjoyable and productive.